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The Insider Stateroom

Category IN

Nightlife type who prefers to catch Z’s without the morning sun peeking through the blinds? Then this window-free cabin will be perfect. Add in all the amenities of other cabins, just subtract the pesky glare. Sleeps up to three. Size: Interior - 177 square feet / 16.44 square meters. Accessible: Interior: 258.4 square feet / 24.01 square meters.

Social Insider Stateroom

Category I4

Built for groups of Sailors, what happens inside this cabin, stays inside (because it’s sans windows). The bunk beds go from sleep to sit mode in no time while the amenities in this sensory and responsive clever cabin match that of all other cabins, except the way bigger TV. Sleeps up to four. Size: Interior - 177 square feet / 16.44 square meters.

Solo Insider Stateroom

Category I1

This cocoon-like cabin is perfect for fans of late nights and sleeping in until after lunch. It’s super cozy and ideal for solo travelers. Standard cabin amenities, check. No window, no problem. Sleeps one. Size: Interior - 105 square feet / 9.75 square meters.

Insider Lock it In Rate Guarantee

Category IZ

For this sweet deal there are no refunds, no changing sail date, and no voyage credits for cancellation. With this selection, you are guaranteed to receive a stateroom within a selected category, anywhere on the ship. However, the actual room assignment and location on the ship may be determined at any time after your reservation has been completed and paid in full up to the day of sailing.

Category RZ

Category MZ

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4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées02/19/2025from $964

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées04/02/2025from $760

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise05/14/2025from $1,184

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise06/25/2025from $1,263

5-night Mayan Sol Cruise08/10/2025from $1,303

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