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British Virgin Islands

Rising up like green gemstones out of the sparkling deep blue sea, the British Virgin Islands are known as the "cruising capital of the Caribbean." With hundreds of secret bays and hidden coves, they've been a haven for seafarers for centuries. The fine sailing and magnificent anchorages attract sailors from around the world, and most visitors still spend much of their time on the sea. They pull their boats into a marinas to eat beach side. Or they sail through to spend days as castaways on forgotten cays. The British Virgin Islands is the water sports capital of the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands hold many more attractions. Anegada is a favorite spot for divers and fishermen. Sparkling sandy bays beneath striking cliffs are favorite stopping-off points for beach picnics or deserted beaches to soak up the sun or lie in the shade. Shady mountain trails can be hiked. Sophisticated shops. Friendly people. And ferries to take you from one enchanted island to another.