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London (Southampton)
7/16/2024 5:00:00 PM

London is known worldwide as an entertainment capital, a center for the arts, a center of rich and varied heritage, a 'green' city, and waterfront attraction center. The city is alive with theaters, clubs, pubs, casinos and entertainment venues, making it a day or night out to remember. Southampton is the main regional centre for the arts, offering quality, variety and choice. Southampton has a rich and varied heritage, five excellent museums covering all aspects of the city's past and the remains of the medieval town walls. Southampton's rich heritage of parks and open spaces make it probably 'the Greenest City in the UK'. Whether it's shopping, eating out or taking in great events, there's always something to see and do on the attractive waterfront.

At Sea

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Suggested Private Excursion
7/18/2024 10:00:00 AM
7/18/2024 7:00:00 PM

Located at the mouth of the Göta River, Gothenburg (Goteborg), Sweden’s second largest city, is the busiest port in Scandinavia and one of Sweden’s prettiest and friendliest cities. Its town center, crisscrossed by canals, allows pedestrians to enjoy many traffic-free streets. Cultural events include the National Orchestra of Sweden at the Concert Hall or opera and ballet at the Opera House. The local clubs stage many international and Swedish artists. Shops in the city range from high street chains to exclusive boutiques. Sample one of the best cuisines in Europe. Visit picturesque cafés and sample some of the best food in Europe or visit one of the 17 museums in the city.

Suggested Private Excursions

Gothenburg walking tour with Swedish “fika” - 2 Hours

Gothenburg Walking tour with Botanical Garden and Volvo Museum -5 Hours

Discovering Gothenburg Archipelago – 5 Hours

Gothenburg Bike Tour – 3 hours

7/19/2024 9:00:00 AM
7/19/2024 10:00:00 PM

Kiel is a city in north central Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein, a port on the Baltic Sea, at the eastern entrance of the Kiel Canal. The city has been noted as a port since the 10th century because of its excellent harbor, which is a tideless fjord. The city has a university and is a popular centre for pleasure boating. In 1284 Kiel became a member of the Hanseatic League. In 1773 it came under Danish rule, and in 1866, as part of Schleswig-Holstein, it passed to Prussia. In World War I the city was the headquarters of the German Imperial Fleet, and in World War II its important naval base was heavily bombed by the Allies. Here you can visit Eutin, the Holstein lakes, the Shipping Museum and further afield the City of Schleswig, Gottorf Castle, Lubeck and Hamburg.

Berlin (Warnemünde)
7/20/2024 6:00:00 AM
7/20/2024 10:00:00 PM

Warnemünde is the gateway to Germany's capital. The fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989 was a conspicuous and symbolic end to the era of the "Iron Curtain". For 45 years, Berlin had existed as a city divided. Today, with the Brandenburg Gate open once more, Berlin thrives with new life, yet it is not quite totally reunited. Like twins who've been separated for many years, it will take awhile to get to know one another again. From the Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden leads to the heart of old Berlin with its Prussian palaces and monuments. Venerable Humboldt Universitat nurtured some of Germany's greatest thinkers, including Hegel, Einstein, the Brothers Grimm, and Karl Marx. Wander through Spandau Zitadelle, a medieval fortress surrounded by placid waters, where the 13th-century Juliusturm Tower guards long-dead stories of past glories. For a taste of Berlin's creative side, sample the cafes and clubs of Kreuzberg.

7/21/2024 8:00:00 AM
7/21/2024 5:00:00 PM

Green Bornholm island is a favorite escape for Danes in the summer. The sea is blue, the sun is warm, the fields are bright with flowers, and the island is blessed with picturesque, round, whitewashed churches. On a bluff overlooking the sea: a ruined castle. For lunch, try local smoked herring.

7/22/2024 8:00:00 AM
7/22/2024 6:00:00 PM

Today a thriving holiday resort, Visby on the Baltic island of Gotland has become famous as 'the town of roses and ruins' - a living relic of a medieval heyday when this Hanseatic port vied in riches and fame with the great capitals of mainland Europe. Now its narrow cobbled streets and ruined churches reside behind the two-and-a-half mile 13th century city wall, a haunting monument to a lost glory. Gotland and Oland are part of the Baltic islands off the southeast coast of Sweden. Gotland is a blend of old and new with its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Hoards of coins and other treasures found on the island indicate its importance in maritime trade as far back as the Bronze Age. Gotland was nominally Swedish as early as the 9th century but long remained autonomous. In the Middle Ages Visby was a rich and important member of the Hanseatic League and had many splendid churches and elaborate fortified walls. Gotland was conquered by Denmark in 1361 and returned to Swedish rule in 1645.

Suggested Private Excursion
7/23/2024 9:00:00 AM
7/23/2024 5:00:00 PM

Stockholm is Sweden’s strikingly elegant and beautiful capital. Stockholm, noted for its outstanding architecture, is one of Scandinavia’s most attractive cities. In addition to its many man-made monuments, Stockholm boasts natural beauty - with one-third of the city’s total land area devoted to parks. As the country’s major city, Stockholm offers a wealth of monuments and sites, fine museums, and a rich culture. There are also hundreds of excellent restaurants, as well as a great selection of trendy boutiques and exciting nightclubs. Visitors should start their exploration of Stockholm with the Gamla Stan, the Old Town on Stadsholmen; an island in the center of the city, it has retained its medieval charm. The maze of narrow, cobbled streets, full of art studios, boutiques, antique shops, nightclubs and bars, is best explored on foot.

Suggested Private Excursions

Stockholm Drottingholm Castle tour - 4 Hours

Stockholm City tour – 5 Hours

Uppsala and Sigtuna tour - 6 Hours

Stockholm Old Town walking tour – 3 Hours

Stockholm Bicycle tour – 3,5 Hours

Stockholm Jewish tour – 5 Hours

Millesgården Museum and short Archipelago tour – 4 Hours

Skoklosters castle and Sigtuna by car – 6 hours

7/24/2024 11:00:00 AM
7/24/2024 8:00:00 PM

Klaipeda (formerly Memel) is a port in western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. It has shipyards, factories, museums and an aquarium.

Gdansk (Gdynia)
Suggested Private Excursion
7/25/2024 6:00:00 AM
7/25/2024 2:00:00 PM

Historic Gdansk represents one of the richest, most lavish complexes of architectonic relics in Poland. The entrances to historic quarters are huge stone gateways guarding the main thoroughfare; the well-proportioned tower of town hall makes a powerful impact. The main square is filled with fine mansions. St. Mary’s Church is the world's largest brick church, with a capacity of 25,000. Dominating the waterside is seven-story Great Mill. Gdynia is the modern port for Gdansk. Near Gdansk is Sopot, one of the most fashionable seaside resorts in northern Europe during the 19th century and the country’s most popular health spa with its beach and flair for entertainment. Sopot is known as an important music center, featuring an annual Opera and International Song Festival. Gdansk Historical Museum has lavish decorations and fascinating exhibits. Maritime Museum features a model of every ship produced in local shipyards since 1945 and is housed in the massive 15th-century Gdansk Crane. National Art Museum, one of Gdansk’s highlights, boasts a collection of Gothic art and sculpture.

Suggested Private Excursions

Gdansk - Window to Freedom - Half Day Tour

Gdansk & Malbork Castle - Full Day Tour

A Pulsating Harbour - Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot - Full Day Tour

Gdansk & Stutthof - Full Day Tour

Gdansk: Gdansk & Sopot – 5 hours

Suggested Private Excursion
7/26/2024 8:00:00 AM

Wonderful Copenhagen is a city of bridge-spanned canals, copper-roofed buildings and manicured parks. This famous Baltic seaport is one of Europe’s loveliest capitals and the seat of the oldest monarchy in the world. Copenhagen is a focus for commerce, culture, industry and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The locale of Hans Christian Andersen’s enchanting tale of The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen is known as Denmark’s fairy-tale city. Its impressive theaters, museums and churches are of interest to many visitors; the best-loved attractions include the world-famous Tivoli Gardens, the Langelinie Harbor with its Little Mermaid statue and the busy shopping promenade known as Strøget.

Suggested Private Excursions

Made in Copenhagen: Danish Design from local craftsmen

Copenhagen City tour – 4 Hours

Roskilde tour – 5 Hours

North Zealand Tour – 7 Hours

Malmö and Lund – 7 Hours

Copenhagen Walking tour – 3 Hours

Copenhagen Walking food tour – 4 Hours

Copenhagen Bicycle tour – 2,5 Hours

Copenhagen Walking tour in the pursuit of Hygge – 4 Hours

Copenhagen Jewish tour – 4 Hours

Christianshavn & Dragør tour – 4 Hours

Copenhagen Sustainable boat tour- you are the captain! - 3 Hours

Copenhagen Rickshaw tour – 3 Hours

Copenhagen Urban Dining - 4 hours

Kayak Tour in Copenhagen channels with lunch and Rickshaw transfers – 4 hours

A classic Danish afternoon tea at Tivoli Gardens with rickshaw transfers - 4 hours

Zealand Art Tour with visit of Karen Blixen Museum, Louisiana Museum and traditional Danish lunch – 6 hours

Family day tour at Camp Adventure – 6 hours

Historical Spa and visit to the Cistern of Copenhagen – 4 hours

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